Fabrini Rodrigues


Hello, there!

I’m Fabrini and I’ve been working at Cultura since 2007. My teaching career has been greatly influenced and shaped by Cultura Inglesa, from Web training to classroom-based courses abroad, Cambridge certificates and post-graduation studies in ELT. I was a Cultura student in Niterói and I started treading my professional path as a monitor at the Adult Centre branch. I became a teacher in 2008 and so far I’ve worked as a senior teacher (in charge of monitors), Cambridge examiner, branch mentor, academic quality auditor and teacher trainer.

When it comes to teaching, I believe that the key to becoming a fully-fledged professional lies in the combination of AWARENESS (through eagerness to learn and share) and PRACTICE (through constant reflection on your teaching practices and genuine willingness to improve on them).

My main hobbies are playing the electric guitar, listening to music, reading, going to comic book conventions (comic-cons), beer-tasting events, playing videogames, and watching series.

My professional life motto is: Be passionate about what you do, don’t be afraid to ask, share what you know, and be nice to people! smile

Courses:EARLY INSET 2011-2, INDUCTION ONLINE 2011_2, Initial Training 2017
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