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Hi everyone,

My “real” name is Evadne, but everybody calls me Vaddie, for obvious reasons! wink

I`m a South African, living in Rio, the most beautiful city in the world, and LOVE teaching English, online and off. I`ve been working at CI since 2003 – as an online moderator in the voice chat classes and at the Adult Centre, and do loads of other interesting stuff for the Academic Dept. and Learning Factory & can honestly say that I LOVE everything about my job…

As a film and TV major at university, my dream was to make educational videos to be able to teach English to everyone everywhere, so teaching English online is like a dream come true for me. I`m a HUGE fan of distance education and love everything to do with ICT in ELT.

I`ve always been into Facebook and Skype as a means of staying in touch with family and friends, have an Orkut account which I rarely use, and love Twitter - when I`m able to find the time... You`ll find me everywhere @vaddienajman. big grin

Things I love doing include hanging out with my husband and son, going out with friends, drinking tea with milk, especially at Colombobig grin, surfing the web, learning new things, watching TV, reading and going to the movies.

I`m looking forward to meeting all of you, sharing ideas and having interesting discussions. I`m sure we`re all going to have loads of fun and learn a lot in the Early Inset 2011.2.

smile Cheers - c u @ll online!!!

City/town:Rio de Janeiro
Courses:EARLY INSET 2011-2, EARLY INSET 2012-2
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